It works! - SISF 3.5 mm flat­ter than SIS relay

There you go!

Overall height of SIS3 relays reduced by 3.5 mm

For even more compact functional safety switchgear, the SISF2 and SISF3 series were developed on the basis of the established SIS relay series. The relay cap, which is only 13 mm high, reduces the overall height by 3.5 mm. In addition to the standard pin length of 2.8 mm, there are also variants for thicker boards with 3.8 mm or for compact designs with a pin length of 2.2 mm. Thus, with a minimum overall height of 15.2 + 0.2 mm, the relays are also suitable for narrow control cabinet modules.

The contact set of the SISF212 consists of 2 normally open contacts and 1 normally closed contact, that of the SISF112 of 1 normally open contact and 1 normally closed contact. The proven contact system with notched crown contacts is suitable for switching currents from 3 mA to 6 A and ensures a very high reliability when linking load and logic in functional safety circuits.

The newly developed relay drive is decisive for the realisation of the lower overall height. With a rated power of 450 mW (SISF2) or 800 mW (SISF3) and a holding power of only 180 mW (SISF2) or 250 mW (SISF3), the relays are suitable for compact designs with low heat generation.