Lean Management

What does lean management mean to us?

Thanks to our lean culture, which is firmly rooted in the company, we are always able to act flexibly and in a customer-oriented manner. An efficient and lean corporate structure is necessary to develop and produce competitive products in a high-wage country like Switzerland.

In this respect, ELESTA GmbH counts on all its employees, who optimise workplaces, processes and thus the entire company and its products in a continuous improvement process. Interdisciplinary teams meet monthly for two-day lean workshops to develop and implement new solutions in the shortest possible time.

The respective team members come from the entire workforce in order to be able to deploy the right employees in the right place. It is important to us that we get different perspectives on a problem and bring together employees and competences from different areas. All ELESTA employees have the opportunity to submit ideas with the help of the idea management system. These are evaluated and implemented by experts.

In order to sustainably anchor the lean culture in the entire company, ELESTA has a lean qualification model. The aim is to teach new employees the ELESTA way and to enable them to initiate and, if possible, implement LEAN activities themselves.

ELESTA Lean Qualification Model

Agile organisation and new work cultures

Our lean culture is complemented by an agile approach. The focus here is on flexibility across the entire company in order to react in the best possible way to complex and unpredictable tasks.

All ELESTA employees follow this path together under the motto “grow together” in order to achieve our goals independently, in a short-cycle manner and with the necessary trust.

In addition to applying various agile methods, it is above all our principles, such as “keep it simple” or “delegate and trust”, which allow the agile way of working to become part of the DNA of our corporate culture.

By pushing forward into new working cultures, we want to continue to provide our culture with a sustainable breeding ground.

ELESTA Value Tree

Best Practice

Always on the lookout for good approaches and inspiration, we share our experiences and competences in the context of best practice visits. We see the exchange with other experts as a chance to throw off our own “ blinders” and get an objective view.

For this reason, ELESTA has participated in competitions in recent years to compare our results with other companies in recognised benchmarks.

In 2019, winning the Global Excellence in Operations Award, at one of Europe’s most prestigious industry competitions, Factory of the Year, confirmed that we were on the right path.
The ELESTA way.

Global Excellence in Operations Award 2019