Memberships and Cooperations

ELESTA GmbH strives to offer its customers future-oriented products with the corresponding product environment. We would like to take up technical changes and trends at an early stage and help to standardize them in standards. At the same time we are also called upon to conscientiously prepare the social environment and the resulting requirements such as customs and export requirements as well as environmental requirements (REACH, RoHS) or political requirements (9/11 Act, Franklin Dodd Act) for our customers.

This is not always possible by one’s own efforts. Committees, associations and institutions help us to build up knowledge and contribute our knowledge. ELESTA GmbH is active in national and international standardization committees, works in umbrella organizations of the electrical industry and supports cooperation with universities and public institutions.

We also see it as our duty as part of society to contribute to the community. This is how we support the region and institutions in the region.