ELESTA is spon­sor of the In­ter­na­tion­al Contact Con­fer­ence (ICEC 2020)

ELESTA is sponsor of the International Contact Conference (ICEC 2020)

The International Conference on Electrical Contact and Connection Technology "ICEC 2020" announced for last year will be held this year as a purely digital event with more than 80 participating speakers.

The event, which has now been extended to five days, starts on 7th June. Two parallel streams will enable more than 80 lecturers from world-leading research institutions from science and industry to present their work. The range of presentations spans from introductory lectures on electrical contact and connection technology to simulations of arcing phenomena and high-speed data transmission.

The following key topics will be presented at the conference

  • Contact materials, design and switching behaviour
  • Switching of high DC loads (e.g. automotive, PV grids and charging technology)
  • Arc fault detection and protection concepts
  • High power data transmission
  • Simulations (arcing, contact systems, relay magnetics etc.)
  • New technologies

The organisers, led by Dr Werner Johler and under the patronage of Electrosuisse, look forward to welcoming contact and interconnection professionals to ICEC digitally. The event now includes more contributions than would have been possible at a face-to-face event. The details can be found on the conference website.