12.08.2016 09:50 o'clock

New Trainees 2016

Last week six new trainees began their apprenticeship at the ELESTA. They start their careers in the fields of logistics, production, development and administration.

We wish Jelena, Melanie, Timon, Thomas, Julian and Nico an exciting and successful apprenticeship and look forward to the cooperation.

Currently, 15 students are trained by five dedicated vocational trainers in seven different professions.

In the picture (from left): Jelena Gajic (logistician EFZ), Melani Gilg (mechanic EBA), Timon Scheiber (mechanic EBA), Thomas Ziegler (computer application development EFZ) and Nico Bardill (merchant EFZ). Missing in the picture Julian Solèr (computer application development EFZ).

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