09.04.2014 13:27 o'clock

New ESD suitable packaging

Many of our customers expressed the wish to replace the current styrofoam packaging by a new ESD suitable packaging. In this year we will comply with this request and gradually convert our relay packaging to a new ESD packaging.

The relays will be housed in an ESD thermoforming bowl which is surrounded by a rectangular cardboard tube. At each end face the packages are sealed with a label.

In addition to the suitability for ESD production areas the blister packaging has more advantages:

  • Stable thermoforming trays for safe removal and transportation during the assembly
  • No risk of breakage of the packaging
  • No abrasion by Styrofoam
  • Small pack and storage volume
  • Large useable surface on the labels

In the first step we will change the series SIS2 ( SIS112 ) and SIS3 (SIS 212 and SIS 212 ..... SEN) .The other products will follow depending on the completion of the respective packages. The information provided in the enclosed PCN is valid for all our new relay packaging. Should you have any further questions on the new relay packaging we remain at your disposal.

We are pleased that we were able to improve the relay packaging in the interest of our customers.

PCN ESD packaging


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