02.04.2019 15:07 o'clock

New distribution partnership in Turkey

ELESTA GmbH, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland. A manufacturer of "safety relays" and optical miniature encoders is expanding its distribution network to Turkey, Southeast Europe and the Middle East.

Since April 1st, ÖZDISAN ELECTRONIK, a special distributor for electronic components, is the newest member of the ELESTA distribution network. The new partner has over 200 employees, many locations in Turkey and a sales network in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. ÖZDISAN has a lot of experience in the design support of electromechanical components and closes the gap in this area.

With this new partner, ELESTA GmbH intends to strengthen its knowledge in the field of relays with forcibly guided contacts (IEC 61810-34) and optical miniature encoders. Functional safety and automation are becoming increasingly important for new products in the railway, elevator, robot and medical equipment sectors in these regions.

Mr. Mustafa Yurttas, director and owner of ÖZDISAN emphasizes: "In order to bring these special relays and optical encoders to the market with the best customer benefit, a close partnership between the development departments of the customers and the technical support of ÖZDISAN and ELESTA is essential. Otherwise it is not possible to sell such high quality products successfully".

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