08.02.2016 11:09 o'clock

Seminar at the Technical Academy Esslingen
Modern relays in electrical engineering and electronics

On 19 and 20 April 2016 will be held a two-day seminar at the Technical Academy Esslingen. Topics include the basics and latest findings from research and development around the relay. The seminar is led by Jürgen Steinhäuser, Head of Sales at ELESTA GmbH.

In the first part the basic structure and functionality of elementary relays according to IEC / EN 61810-1 is conveyed, while the second part will elaborate on the functionality and differentiation of relays with forcibly guided contacts according to IEC 61810-3 (EN 50205) to standard elementary relays. The statistical reliability consideration of relays and the resulting normative requirements and their implementation will be discussed in more detail.

Based on discussions of practical applications and their characteristics not only modern materials and technologies will be covered, but also to a great extent relay applications together with their environment.

The seminar is aimed at engineers, designers, technicians from the Quality Assurance or Technical Sales.

The seminar is according to VDSI e.V. (German Safety Engineers Association) classified as suitable for the training of security professionals under § 5 (3) ASiG and the participants will get one VDSI point OHS on the qualified certificate of attendance.

The program and further information about registration, organization and price can be found on the website of the TAE.

Your Contact Person
Jürgen Steinhäuser
Sales and Marketing Director

Phone.:+ 41 81 303 54 00

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