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As you like it! - SGR 282 ZK

New Relay with two forcibly guided change-over contacts

With the new SGR 282 ZK, we present a new series of two change-over contact-relays with forcibly guided contacts. This relay series builds on SGR 282 Z and SIR 282. series tried and tested for over 20 years. The new contacts with patented notch-crown contacts meet the high standards of contact reliability even at low switching loads of 4 mA. Furthermore, the SGR 282 ZK eschews a thick gold coating. In addition, the switching current in the upper load range was extended to 8 A. For demanding applications, the related costs are thereby reduced even though the reference-system availability and the maximum switching load were increased.

The well-known coating technique of the coil remains in place. Applications in process engineering, which require larger air-gap and creepage distances, are still feasible.

The SGR 282 ZK is equipped only with a sensitive coil, with no impact on costs. Furthermore, it is possible with the new relay to get partially-specified variants. Energy-efficient design and ecological design is thereby optimized for cost. The relays are available from December 2013.

Key Features

Product family SGR 282 ZK
Contact variants 2 CO / 1 NC – 1 NO / 1 NO – 1 NC
Contact material AgCuNi
Contact design notch crown contact
Switching-current range 4 mA to 8 A
Coil voltage 3,3 VDC to 110 VDC
Coil excitation power 700 mW
Coil holding power 210 mW
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