Social commitment creates jobs for people with disabilities

ELESTA GmbH is aware of its social responsibility. For this reason, we maintain close relationships with three special institutions to support their goals.

The Stiftung Arwole is an organisation that works for the social and economic inclusion of adults with learning difficulties as well as mental or psychological disabilities. We have been working successfully with this foundation since 2014 and have them clean containers that are used daily in the company.

ELESTA has also been working with the ARGO Foundation since 2008. ARGO operates workshops with protected jobs for permanent employment as well as training places for initial vocational training or retraining. The ARGO Foundation is based in Chur and has eight facilities in the canton of Graub├╝nden. ARGO assembles cables for ELESTA.

Furthermore, ELESTA GmbH has been working with the Feschtland Werkst├Ątten since 2008. This second labour market production workshop is a branch of the Brocki Grischun association and offers jobs for adults with a mental disability who receive an IV pension. The Feschtland workshop supports ELESTA in the collection of recycling material and both organisations benefit from the cooperation.

In summary, ELESTA GmbH shows that it is important to it to support institutions that promote social and economic integration, vocational training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The company recognises the value of these institutions and works hand in hand with them to achieve common goals. This creates a mutually beneficial situation for all parties involved.