New cata­logue for re­lays with for­cibly guided con­tacts and ac­cessor­ies

New catalogue for relays with forcibly guided contacts and accessories

A current relay catalogue with all basic series of relays with forcibly guided contacts according to IEC 61810-3, relay sockets and relay modules of ELESTA GmbH is now available.

New to the catalogue is the new double armature relay SID with two independent 4-pole forcibly guided contact sets according to IEC 61810-3 type A. The relay enables, among other things, 2-channel control architectures of functional safety, e.g. SIL3 (IEC 61061) or Pl “e” (ISO 13849). The relay module SMD4 is also included, which makes it possible to integrate additional relay contacts into 2-channel functional safety architectures with only one module.