Jack in the Box!

ELESTA GmbH introduces 17.5 mm flat relay module with 4 forcibly guided contacts.

The relay modules SMF 218/219 and SMF 228/229 or SMF 318/319 are simple solutions that eliminate the weaknesses of relays with sockets in functional safety applications. In their robust housings they can be conveniently snapped onto the mounting rail in the control cabinet. With 2 NO / 1 NC and 2 NO / 2 NC or 3 NO / 1 NC, and thanks to their notched crown contacts for switching currents from 3 mA to 10 A, they are ideally suited for both monitoring circuits and load circuits. Coil voltages of 12 VDC and 24VDC are available as standard. Individual coil voltages can also be implemented at short notice.

Apart from the space saving due to the small width, the improved protection of the relay compared to a simple relay socket must be emphasized. It is protected against manipulation, is much more robust against shock, vibration and environmental influences such as temperature changes. In addition, the relay modules offer simplified installation through plug-in connection terminals with screw and push-in technology.

Display of the control and protective circuitry are already an integral part of the module. With the use of a TVS diode, a very fast acting method was used, which guarantees the shortest possible release times of the switching contact.