ELESTA expands its equipment in the sensor division

ELESTA GmbH has expanded its assembly capacity in the sensor sector with machines from FUJI. This step was taken due to the growing demand and increasing complexity of its sensor products for industrial automation in the field of functional safety.

Bestückungsanlage FUJI in Produktionshalle der ELESTA GmbH

In order to meet the high requirements, the production facility was expanded with a new placement line consisting of five NXTR S placement modules from FUJI EUROPE. These assemble various flat modules from rigid and semi-flexible printed circuit boards, which are used in the safety sensors.

Reasons for the expansion

Dario Berni, Head of Production Sensors and SMD at ELESTA, explains: ‘Due to the constantly growing demand for our sensors and the increased complexity of the products with more electronic components on the controllers, it became necessary to expand the assembly capacity.’

Advantages of the new machine

The new placement system offers the following advantages:

  • The new system improves the handling of PCBs.
  • The production speed is increased so that more components can be assembled per hour.
  • The system enables greater flexibility in the assembly of different component sizes without the need for many different head types.
  • The system enables components to be replaced efficiently without the use of tools.
  • The system has a self-diagnostic function, which helps to minimise unplanned downtime.

‘With the new system, flat assemblies with very fine structures and high component density can be manufactured with high efficiency. It also increases production flexibility and shortens throughput times. ELESTA is therefore ideally equipped for the requirements of the coming years,’ summarises Berni.