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Reflected Light Method

The light emitted from the light source is reflected to the light sensor and thereby focused by the specially shaped surface of the code wheel.

Thus the light sensor has almost the entire light emitted from the light source available for the signal formation. Low-power light sources can be used and the power consumption of the whole system can be drastically reduced. That plays an important role especially in off-grid systems and mobile devices.

Extremely Energy Efficient

  • Short distance between the light source and light sensor
  • Low power consumption by using a low-current LED
  • Nearly one hundred percent utilization of the incident light on a code segment for the signal formation
1 - Beam, 2 - Light source, 3 - Sensor support, 4 - Sensor channel A, 5 - Sensor channel B, 6 - Code wheel segments

High Slew Rate

The focus of the light beam causes a high signal selectivity that is sharp signal transitions between light area and light-free area.

The CMOS output circuit of the channel outputs of the electronics has a very low self-capacitance. These allow switching times of less than 300 ns for output without load and can easily be processed to high rotational speeds (greater than 100,000 / min).

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