ELESTA sensors

ELESTA sensors - Optical Encoders

incremental, modular, 3 channels

Optical encoder systems, whether as incremental encoders or absolute encoders, have now become the standard for speed and position detection of moving systems. We have used our experience in the field of micromechanics and sensor development to develop a high-precision encoder system.

ELESTA incremental encoder

This is a 3-channel optical encoder system consisting of a sensor module with connection cable and a code wheel. Outstanding features are the surface geometry of the code disk and the special design of the sensor module. The well-known incident light method is thus implemented innovatively and efficiently. The resulting properties can be used for a wide range of applications:

  • Extremely low power consumption
  • Output of precise narrow-tolerant output signals
  • Steep signal edges and low output capacitance
  • Extremely small designs with high resolution
  • Easy integration into customer’s own systems

Fields of application

Small designs enable integration in mini or micro motors or other small housing designs. Speeds of well over 100,000 rpm are no problem for the patented ELESTA system. This makes the system ideal for high-speed engines, for example. The extremely low tolerances of the system allow not only speed measurement but also applications in which exact distance or length measurements or exact angle measurements play a role.

Future-oriented technology

The ELESTA encoder system meets the growing demands for robust construction, further miniaturization and effective use of energy. As a set, the encoder system can be easily integrated into customer applications. Under certain conditions, we can adapt the encoder system to customer-specific requirements.