Our core competences in the field of safety sensors

Within the Pilz Group, ELESTA is responsible for the development of proximity switches, safety gate systems and optoelectronic systems that fulfil the highest safety requirements. Our products ensure that machinery is stopped immediately when a safety gate is opened or when a person enters the danger zone. The machine is prevented from restarting until the doors are safely closed and there is no further intrusion.

The ELESTA development process

Our products are created in interdisciplinary project teams and are developed in accordance with functional safety standards. In close cooperation with the product managers, we accompany the sensors from the initial idea to the market launch. We develop all products in accordance with current safety standards such as EN ISO 61508 or EN ISO 13849, test them intensively and have them certified by external bodies.

Series production and continuous improvement

During series production, our Product Engineering department ensures the maintenance and further development of the products. We are constantly refining products and processes by continuously analysing and optimising production processes. With agile, iterative working methods and continuous improvement, we drive progress forward in order to optimally protect people and production processes.

Safety switches


Our PSENmag and PSENcode safety switches are versatile. They ensure that dangerous machine movements are stopped immediately when a safety guard is opened and a restart is prevented. The safety guards are designed in such a way that they cannot be bypassed or manipulated.

Safety light curtains

Optoelektronische Systeme

Optoelectronic sensors offer optimum protection for open access to machines and systems. The second generation of safety light curtains, PSENopt II, enables safe intervention in the production process and offers finger, hand and body protection as required. The world's first type 3 safety light curtains have been specially developed for robotics applications. We have also developed type 4 light curtains for particularly hazardous areas of application. The safety light curtains are available in various lengths from 150 mm to 1800 mm and, thanks to their robustness, are insensitive to shock, collision and vibration, making them ideal for use in harsh industrial environments.

Safety switch with guard locking

Sicherheitsschalter mit Zuhaltung

Our safe safety gate systems PSENslock, PSENmlock and PSENsgate reliably monitor and secure guards. They are ideal for gates and doors in safety fences, bonnets and flaps.

Control and signal devices

Befehls- und Meldegeräte

Safety gate systems can be controlled easily and flexibly with the PITgatebox push-button unit. The integration of PITreader offers an additional security factor by authenticating the user using an RFID key. This ensures that only authorised persons have access to the system. Commands such as starting or stopping the machine can be controlled after successful authentication, which optimally protects the machine against incorrect operation or manipulation.