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Relays with forcibly guided contacts according to IEC 61810-3

Our relays are used as centerpieces in applications of functional safety. So everywhere, where is an accident risk. Whether at a railroad crossing, a lift, with robots, medical lasers, X-ray equipment or construction cranes, to name a few. The special feature of our relays is the forced guidance. This design feature of the relay connects the relay contacts together so that when contacts are welded the contrafunctional contacts can not be closed. This very easily and safely makes the monitoring of the load and feedback circuits possible.

With 8 relay series and 13 types of housing, we can cover almost all customer requirements. All our relays are individually adapted to the customer's needs and thanks to the lean production so flexible that small series and special solutions can be produced cost-effectively and with short delivery time.

Our relays cover switching currents from 3 mA to 16 A. Relay coils to 240 VDC are also available in energy efficient variants. Also available are variants for specific standards and customer requirements.

Relays with forcibly guided contacts

Miniature Optical Encoders

MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) are becoming increasingly important. Miniaturization can not be realized without MEMS, just then when conventional technologies reach limits. Our miniature optical encoders EOIR007 are the result of profound knowledge of electromechanical systems combined with a completely new mode of action of light optical encoders.

The code wheel of the incremental encoder is equipped with 128 optical segments that concentrate the incident light and reflect it, virtually without blind area. Extremely high repeat accuracy is given by the exact signal edges, both at small angular movements and at very high speeds >100,000 rpm. Due to the high electrical efficiency, the system requires only 20 to 30 mW and is particularly suitable for energy-efficient design and battery-powered off-grid systems.

The system is designed for integration into miniaturized customer systems such as motors, pumps, valves, air turbines etc. For this, the encoder circuit board can be adapted to the dimensions and the connection types of the customers system.

Miniature Optical Encoders

Customer Specific Sensors

Sensor technology is a broad field. We at ELESTA GmbH see our core competence in the development and production of sensors for industrial automation and especially for systems of functional safety.

Our development team covers all areas of product development. From Safety engineering and embedded programming to all the usual disciplines of electronics development. Basis of the development is the V-Model (ISO / IEC 12207: 2008) which is embedded in our Lean Development Process.

Product development includes the development and implementation of the production processes, including production and product FMEA. Thus, the customer can rely on a complete service which includes the entire product life cycle from product design to production to product discontinuation.