Lean Activ­it­ies

What does lean management mean to us?

Due to our products and the needs of our customers, we consider it crucial to develop and produce competitive products that exist on the world market in the heart of Europe. One way to achieve this is our lean management approach.

For us, it means constantly improving products, processes and the entire company. Here we see a holistic approach in which the employees are in the foreground. Their know-how is the basis of our success.

Continuous improvement means above all making better use of resources. Increasing efficiency in all areas and improving the quality of products as well as the working environment is the consequence of the Lean concept. Processes that control themselves, workplaces that promote health, automation where it is helpful, communication that creates transparency and flexibility that can be accessed wherever it is needed.

We’re going our own way here. Continuous improvement processes and lean workshops are accompanied by training measures, audits and benchmark activities. Meanwhile ELESTA GmbH passes on its experience as a Best Practice Partner to other companies and institutions. Last but not least, our activities were rewarded with the Swiss Lean Award 2012.